Sherwood Investment Services

  • Customized financial planning and investment management
  • Fee Only.  No commissions
  • Fiduciary relationship with all clients
  • 20+ Years developing financial solutions for clients
  • NAPFA and Multi-State Registered

Sherwood Investment Services is a fee-only (no commissions) Registered Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Service.   They have over 20 years financial management experience developing sound financial strategies and managing investments. They help families and individuals of all ages reach their financial goals.  They specialize in retirement planning and investment management, serving clients in Washington State and nationwide.  All securities are purchased and sold without commissions.

Sherwood Investment Services maintains a fiduciary relationship with clients, meaning that they must always act in clients' best interest.   They do not receive one penny from commissions, so all possible conflicts of interests are avoided.   "We have nothing to sell you and no sales quotas to meet.  Our fee is based solely on the value of your investment portfolio, so when your portfolio grows, we both benefit."

Each client receives customized financial plans and investment strategies to meet their own specific needs.   "Everything we do is aimed at helping our clients meet their financial goals with the least risk possible.  As a problem solver, I frequently work with those who are preparing for retirement develop a financial/investment plan so they will be able to live comfortably in their retirement years and not outlive their money."

There is never a charge for meetings, calling, or communicating via email with questions, something clients might be hesitant to do if they were paying by the hour.

You receive one-on-one personalized service of a small firm, but with the support services of a large firm since we work with an expert team of CPAs and estate attorneys.   "We stay in frequent contact with you to keep you informed and for us to remain up-to-date on your financial requirements."

How Are We Different?
  • We believe that you deserve more than an expensive long-range "plan" based on questionable assumptions such as market returns, tax rates and your expenses.  These parameters aren't certain for next year, let alone the next 20 or 30 years.  Instead, we develop an understandable strategy that is tailored to help you reach your financial objectives.
  • We don't rebalance your portfolio just once a year.  We are continually looking for opportunities to efficiently upgrade your portfolio without commissions from over 20,000 mutual funds and ETFs that are available to you.
  • Being a fiduciary, Sherwood Investment Services has specific financial responsibilities not required of a stock broker.  Our legal and ethical responsibility is to you, and we are required to do what is in your best interest at all times.

Our only compensation is based on the value of your portfolio.  So when your portfolio grows, we both benefit.

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Eric Linger, dba Sherwood Investment Services, is a registered investment advisor in the State of Washington and New Jersey. The advisor transacts business only in states where it is appropriately registered or exempted from registration. Individualized responses to persons that involve either the effecting of transaction in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without registration or exemption.




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