Working With You

We develop a financial strategy and manage your investments using a proven, six-step process that matches your objectives to a solid investment strategy that is continually monitored and updated.  Our work starts and ends with you in mind.
  1. Identify Your Objectives
    We start by understanding your current financial situation, objectives and needs.  We have to understand where you are before we can help you get to where you want to be.

  2. Determine Your Tolerance for Risk
    A primary consideration is identifying your comfort level with various levels of risk.  Higher returns are achieved only by accepting more investment fluctuations, or risk.  Our objective is to achieve the best returns for you commensurate with your tolerance for risk.

  3. Formulate a Specific Strategy
    Only after we fully understand your financial picture can we begin to make recommendations.  We then develop a customized financial plan and investment portfolio that is designed to help you reach your financial goals.

  4. Select and Manage Your Investments
    We select investments that fit your goals and with which you are comfortable.  We try to minimize transaction costs, fund expenses, and other charges that can reduce the return on your investments.

  5. Monitor and Update Your Investments
    Your portfolio is continually monitored and investments are upgraded to meet changing economic and market conditions, as well as your own changing requirements.

  6. Work Closely with You
    Regardless of where you reside in the United States, we will work closely with you.  Distance is not a barrier since we can be reached daily at our toll-free number, through the internet, and by fax.

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Your financial goals are unique, so the strategies we develop for you are also unique.


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